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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any specific queries not posted in the list of questions below, feel free to CONTACT US and we will get back to you with the best possible solutions. 

COVID-19 update: ZOOM classes are now the norm!!

Our classes are now available worldwide through Zoom! Register today with us, shake a leg, shed some pounds all the while having a funtastic time!
*Online Etiquette:*
- Join early - up to 5 minutes before the meeting start time 
- If you haven’t used Zoom before, download prior to the day of the meeting and familiarise yourself with features like mute/unmute microphone, stop/start video, etc
- Put the microphone on mute unless you have to speak. 
- Find a quiet space without interruptions/background noise 
- While using video -  Find a plain background - avoid backlight 
- Try to avoid talking over /at the same time as other participants
- Be aware you are on camera and try to avoid doing other tasks, checking emails, looking at your phone, etc. 

1. How do I contact you?
CONTACT US or drop us a message on any of our following handles and we shall get back to you. 
Instagram - 
Facebook -

2. What dance styles do you offer?
We offer both classical and Bollywood dance styles.
- Indian Classical classes we offer are Odissi and  Bharatnatyam. Both classes are segregated as per levels of proficiency in the dance form and not by age. 
- Bollywood classes are offered as per age:: Tiny tots (4-6yrs), Juniors (7-10yrs), Tweens (11-16yrs), Adults (17+yrs)

3. What is all this module talk about?
We have separated our yearly dance class curriculum into four modules - Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. This gives us an opportunity to keep rotating dance styles and choreographers to keep it saucy and keep y'all on your toes. It allows flexibility to you to pick and choose the times that work best for you without very long term commitments. Finally, every module has performance opportunities at stages across TN, MS, and AR. 

4. Does this module talk apply to all dance styles?
While all the dance classes we offer runs by modules, classical styles are different since Odissi and Bharatanatyam are taught as per Bharatiya Kalakendra certified curriculum, attending all the modules is pre-requisite to be allowed to appear for the proficiency level examination, held at the end of the year. That being said, you are always welcome to join a module if you would still like to learn but not give the examinations!

5. Will my kids get to perform the dances they learn at any event?
Every module posted will have a 'batch performance opportunity' across TN, MS, and AR. While it is not mandatory to perform either, if you do perform and there are some costumes involved, you will have to pay a small costume rental fee.

6. How do I pay?
We accept cash, check, Paypal (, and Venmo (@Danceversify).
7. How much does each module cost?
Most of the information you need will be provided on the registration form, please review this form carefully before submitting.

8. Where are you located?
Since March 2020, all classes have been conducted online via Zoom.

9. Why does no-one answer my calls?
Oops!! We are very sorry about not answering your calls, but we will definitely reply to messages left at any of our following handles:
Contact Us
Instagram -
Facebook -

10. What do I wear?
Please wear gym appropriate clothing, we have a foam mat on the floor, so sneakers are optional. Please tie up your hair so that there are no flyaways hindering your eyesight or your ability to move. If you are enrolled in classical dance, please carry a dupatta/stole to class. 

11. It is my first class, what should I expect?
Every class starts with a 10-minute warmup, followed by the class, and ends with a 5 min cooldown. The class duration will be an hour unless mentioned otherwise. All the instructions for your class will be mentioned in the welcome email you will receive ahead of the module start date.  

12. Is there a water fountain in the studio?
Yes! We have a water fountain and a restroom available at the studio. However please feel free to carry any refreshments/ beverages as you please. No alcohol permitted in the studio and we appreciate your help in keeping the studio clean!
13. How do I make sure I stay updated with the current information?
If you are already registered, during registration, you are asked for your contact information, whenever a new module starts, logistical information is shared via email & WhatsApp; and practice videos are shared via WhatsApp. Make sure to make a note on your registration form if you do not use WhatsApp.
You can keep up with all upcoming modules and events by following us on:
Instagram -
Facebook -

14. Do you perform at special events?
We do, but it is subject to the availability of performers. Please contact us with your event details and we will get back to you. 

15. Do you choreograph for special events?
We do, but it is subject to the availability of instructors. Please contact us with your event details and we will get back to you. 

16. Do you have dance costumes I can rent?
We do not do that commercially, but we might make an exception for you, please contact us with your costume needs and event details and we will get back to you. 

17. I have registered my kid for the upcoming module, but haven't received any communication regarding the time/instructors, etc..?
In the week preceding the start of a new module, you will receive detailed communication regarding class timings, instructor information, class structure, fee details, and batch event specifics. If you did not receive your welcome email a day before the start date of your module, email us at and we will get that sorted for you. 
18. Will I get practice videos?
Weekly practice videos will be shared on WhatsApp groups created from the phone numbers provided on the registration form. We only allow one number per student to be added to the group.
19. Can I use any of your choreographies for my personal events?
Yes you may, we need to have first-hand knowledge of this use and if this performance is recorded/ uploaded, Danceversify Academy should be tagged. 

20. Can I sit in the class and watch my kid learn?
We discourage parents from waiting back in the studio because it hampers both the kid and instructors' focus.

21. Do I get a sibling or multiple class registration discount?
Yes, we offer a sibling discount and a multiple class registration discount. Please contact us for your discount eligibility/amount.

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