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A no-judgement zone where you break the shackles, dance your heart out, crush those calories and take home a smile! Our classes range from the pulse-pumping, signature D'Va Bollywood dance styles, to the Indian Classical Bharatanatyam, where the unique synthesis of dance, yoga & martial arts are taught along with a Certificate Program. Learn different styles, like Bhangra, Bihu, HipHop with storytelling methods, celebrity specials, and more. The juniors are given special care by our dedicated instructors and you can witness them grow their artistic face while having the best time moving & grooving. An hour spend with the D'Va family is sure to leave you dancing, blazing and smiling!

Classes offered:





Founder and Artistic Director


With over 19 years of dance training, Simanti is the founder of DanceVersify. She has extensive training in the Indian Classical Dance of Odissi from Guru Gajendra Panda and Mrs. Poushali Mukherjee. Since the age of 3, she has been training in the Dancers' Guild with Late Ms. Ranjabati Sircar, in the unique form of NavaNrityam, an alchemy of Natya (Dance) Yoga with Odissi, Bharatanatyam and the martial arts of Kalari and Chhau. Under the tutelage of Guru Amala Shankar, she has garnered the creative Indian Ballet style. Alongside the strong foundation of traditional forms, she has trained in Bollywood

workshops with the legendary Saroj Khan and Shiamak Davar. Simanti has been choreographing and teaching since 12+ years, earning wide acclaim for her commitment and artistic excellence. She lives in Memphis (TN) with her husband, and also works as a Director/Chief of Staff at VMware by Broadcom.

When a tribe of passionate artists with years of exposure in dance, fitness, yoga and an appetite for creative arts got together, DanceVersify was born! Since August 2009, the group has been performing at various prestigious platforms across Memphis, Nashville, Jackson, etc. and in India. Fast forward a few years and the DanceVersify Academy was launched with all new training modules that brought together the passion of dance, choreography and fitness together to create a new brand of dance. The D'Va offers an unique Indian Classical Dance Program in Bharatanatyam & NavaNrityam, an alchemy of Indian Classical Dance Forms with Natya Yoga, along with Bollywood & Modern Fusions. They embrace diversity in every form!

The professional performing troupe has performed with eminent celebrities of Indian Cinema, opening concerts for the musical duo Salim-Sulaiman, the Bhangra King Mika Singh, and more. As we continue to grow our D'Va squad of artists, instructors, juniors and patrons, it is only a matter of time for the DanceVersify Academy to reach your city! Till then, keep dancing, blazing and smiling!



The DanceVersify Academy currently offers weekly classes in Memphis, TN. It ranges from the Bollywood-inspired dance/cardio workout classes for adults to the fun choreographies for juniors to the formal training in Indian classical Bharatanatyam and unique NavaNrityam. Every D'Va class starts with a rejunivating Yoga Warm Up, a relaxing Cool Down Routine concluding with envigorating chants, that is sure to entice you with the infectious spirit of dance!

We at DanceVersify take special care when it comes to training, coaching and mentoring the little ones. Each of our instructors use dance and movement to teach various dance styles, exposing the young minds to creative thinking and innovation. The classes focus on educating them in diverse cultures from around the globe, while nurturing the dancer in them, with increased coordination, grace, energy, memory and movement fundamentals.

Bollywood for Teens & Adults
Classical Bharatanatyam
(Kids & Adults)

A structured formal training program in Classical Bharatanatyam, one of the oldest dance forms of India. Learn the basic sculptural, bold yet graceful movements and then advance into NavaNrityam, a modern experimentation form that blends Indian Classical with Yoga, Martial Arts, Ballet and Contemporary. Minimum age to start is 5 yrs.

Freestyle dance training for teens and adults, combines a high energy, fat melting, cardio workout-inspired dance style, with the learning of intricate dance techniques,  with catchy Bollywood music. It takes you to a different zone of fitness, where you not only burn some serious calories, but also learn techniques of Indian dance. No prior dance experience is required; just bring with you the spirit of positivity, an appetite for fitness and ignite your inner D'Va!

In each session, the students learn a 2-3 mins choreography, on popular Bollywood soundtracks. We are proud to be the only dance academy offering a variety of dance styles, ranging from folk to hip-hop, fusion to freestyle, traditional classical to contemporary. An unique aspect of our training, is not just the dance movements, but also engaging the students in the history, evolution and cultural significance of the dance form.

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" We contacted DanceVersify about offering classes at Ballet On Wheels Dance School & Company as a part of our Summer Intensive. Our students LOVED the classes, and the instructors were amazing! We received tons of positive feedback from our students as well as their parents, and we were so impressed with the professionalism of the instructors. Our dancers were able to present three different dances that they had learned by the end of the week. They also learned about the different styles and history of Classical Indian dance. Ballet On Wheels is looking forward to partnering with DanceVersify Academy again!!!" - Stephanie Hill, Ballet on Wheels, Memphis

"Amazing place to get active and learn yoga and dance and relive your dancing experiences. They make you feel like family.Also the kids class is amazing my daughter didn't like dancing at all but all the effort put by Danceversify team made her not only love dance but now she wants to make her own steps. Thanks a lot team DanceVersify." - Tanu Ja

"There are good performances and then there are great performances, but whatever you guys did on the IndiaFest 2016 was something extraordinary. With the lights, props, music and brilliant choreography with perfect synchronization you guys created MAGIC !!!" - Arijit

"Awesome performance guys today at India Fest..... Hope you guys will upload the video of your performance. Cannot wait to watch it again...." - Debolina



Thank you for contacting us! We will get back to you in a bit!

DanceVersify Academy (D'Va)

Studio:: 360 New Byhalia Rd, Collierville TN 38017

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