Yoga Expert, Choreographer & Performer at D'Va Professional Troupe| Memphis


Voltaire quotes "let us read, let us dance, these two amusements never do any harm to the world". Aarti took this a little too seriously; as a research scientist at the Cancer Research Center in Memphis, by day she reads a ton; and after that, dances her heart out as a member of the D'Va squad. Aarti grew up in the city of dreams, Mumbai. At 3 years of age, her insightful mother nurtured this passion of hers and let her dabble in a variety of dance forms. Bollywood being her biggest allure, she trained under Shaimak Davar for 3 years. From thereon, she has trained in Salsa, Contemporary and is a certified Zumba Instructor. Aarti's vision is the incorporation of Natya Yoga to our unique alchemy of NavaNritya. She is well versed with Hatha, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Shamanic, and Vinyasa yoga; and is a certified expert of Hatha and Kundalini yoga forms amongst others. She is an avid yogi, ardent dancer and a doting mother. Her passion for dance bundled with 12+ years of yoga experience neatly bow-wrapped together, is what she brings in to D'Va ensemble!

"Books, music & dance is all one needs!" - Aarti


Choreographer, Instructor & Performer at D'Va Professional Troupe| Memphis


A powerhouse of vibrant energy, Sahiti grew up in South India and started dancing at the age of 5. She has always been a dance enthusiast, who learnt the Indian Classical Dance of Bharatanatyam & Kuchipudi, and competed in different genres of dance for over 10 years. She loves the adrenaline rush of hip-hop, folk, modern and contemporary, but also feels devoted to a classical dance form. She has performed at various platforms ranging from IIM Bangalore (India) to theaters in the mid-south US. Sahiti joined the D’Va Squad in 2015 and has been a part of this dance family since then. At DanceVersify she also expanded her interest in Indian Classical dance of Odissi and has started pursuing it. She loves inspiring children to explore different dance forms and discover their interests. Outside of dance, she loves much travelling and acting. She also holds a Master of Science Degree in Business Administration. She lives in Memphis (TN), and works as a software professional for MLGW.

"It is never too late to learn something new" - Sahiti



Instructor & Performer at D'Va Professional Troupe| Memphis


Swati has trained in Kathak since the age of 5 and is a self-taught Bollywood-style dancer. An avid fan of Madhuri Dixit, she has been an integral member of the DVa team since its inception. With numerous performances across Mid-south Memphis region, she has a plethora of experience and knowledge in different dance forms. Being a lifelong student of dance, she is currently training in Odissi and advanced contemporary dance styles to further expand her skill sets.

When not dancing, Swati serves as a Financial Analyst at FedEx (our own math-guru) and enjoys free time with her adorable daughter or volunteering. Over years she has held numerous positions in Indian Association of Memphis (IAM), as President of IAM (2017) and Head of Youth Committee (2018). With 'YOLO' being her mantra of life, she loves traveling across the globe and has hiked her way to glaciers, mountains and volcanoes!

"You only live once (YOLO)" - Swati