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DanceVersify brings to you, "THE BOMBAY TALKIES - II", an unique 12-weeks Summer Program for Teens & Adults, leading to a performance at our annual show. "THE BOMBAY TALKIES" is the dance musical series by D'Va, bringing to stage the musical adaptations of iconic Bollywood movies. Our first production last year was inspired by the story of an evergreen Indian movie, Amar-Akbar-Anthony, with an interesting twist to the plot!

This year's story is inspired by the story of a legendary Indian warrior queen Padmavati, showcasing the sheer power of unity that women can conjure. This program is loaded with the quintessential D'Va style of choreography, fusing various dance styles of Indian classical, Bollywood, martial arts, etc., along with larger-than-life drama, gorgeous costumes, opulent props and more.


BATCH EVENT: Final Stage Performance by the Participants at DVaKriti 2018 - 3rd Annual Students & Ensemble Dance Showcase on 11th Aug'18 at the prestigious Buckman Performing Arts Center, Memphis

Classes Held @ 3315 Hacks Cross Rd., Memphis 38125

Fee Structure for New Students:

  • $200 All Inclusive | 12 Weekly Classes @ Sundays | Incl. Class Fees, Costume Rental, Props + 2 Tickets 

  • $175 All Inclusive | 12 Weekly Classes @ Sundays | Incl. Class Fees, Costume Rental, Props (No Tickets)

  • $160 Classes Only | 12 Weekly Classes @ Sundays | Incl. Class Fees (No Performance or Tickets)

** There will be an additional $40 refundable deposit for costumes & props, to be refunded upon return by due date


Program Includes:

    - Bollywood Inspired Dance Choreography with Focus on Semi-Classical Fusion
    - Yoga Warm Up & Cool Down Routines

    - Practice Videos Shared for Later Use

    - Final Performance at the DVaKriti 2018 Annual Show in August

    - Fee includes Registration, 12 Classes, Additional Rehearsals, Costume Rental, Props Expenses

    - Costumes will be Various Indian Dance Attires and Will Need to be Returned After Use

    - Tickets Bought Separately will be $20 (Adults), $10 (Kids), Under 5 yrs FREE

Take-Away from the Program:

    - Learn Indian Dance Choreographies with Diverse Bollywood Music

    - Experience the Freestyle Bollywood, Indian Classical Odissi, Bharatanatyam & Kathak, Bhangra Fusion

    - Learn the Techniques of Indian Dances with High Energy Cardio Fitness 

    - Perform at DVaKriti 2018, Annual Dance Recital @ Buckman Performing Arts Center

    - Get Introduced to Basic Yoga for Flexibility, Stamina and Toning
    - Feel Like a Star with a Photo-Shoot!

Register Here

The Bombay Talkies

(With Show Tickets)

$200 All Inclusive

($40 Refundable Costume Deposit)

$200 All Inclusive | 12 Weekly Classes @ Sundays | Additional Rehearsals | Incl. Class Fees, Costume Rental, Props + 2 Show Tickets 

The Bombay Talkies

(Without Tickets)

$175 + Buy Tickets

($40 Refundable Costume Deposit)

$175 All Inclusive | 12 Weekly Classes @ Sundays | Additional Rehearsals | Incl. Class Fees, Costume Rental, Props (No Tickets Included)

The Bombay Talkies

(No Performance)

$140 For Classes Only

$140 All Inclusive | 12 Weekly Classes @ Sundays | Incl. Class Fees (No Performance or Tickets)

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